Saturday, December 15, 2012

Start Gun Control Now.

I wrote this December 15th and neglected this blog for so long I never posted it until today, February 3rd, Superbowl Sunday, 2013.

I grew up when guns were under some control. In the years going forward, unbelievabley, more & more guns became available and the NRA grew to be this Monolith that has the Republican Congress & some Democrats Agreeing with the NRA "That Everyone Should Be Armed to the Teeth!"  The Old West lives again.  But with modern cars and clothes. 

Rabid Radio hosts take great pleasure and earn millions of dollars, to find dark motives in everyday happenings to stir & rile people's emotions to a frenzy. Which is easy because people enjoy feeling outraged.  They enjoy the rush of anger.  Why there are so many rageholics.
I know first hand about it, My grandfather was a rageholic and he didn't even drink.
Someone "out there" is always to blame.  People are very violent & easily provoked in this day and age of mass killings.  It's become so common that from week to week you forget which horrific gun violence slaughter happened when.
Adam Lanza killed his mother and then he slaugtered the children she taught and loved. I think his motive was an extreme case of jealous rage.
People need medication just to cope with the stresses of everyday life.  Right now, the parents and families of those slaughtered will need medication to cut the agony to get through this tragedy.

The Easy Access to Guns is Disgraceful and INSANE!  Start Gun Control Now.

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