Thursday, May 22, 2014

The GMA has decided it's okay to pollute their products with genetically modified organisms. I'm not buying.

The Boycott List Infographic
Who are the cunning corporations behind GMA's scheme to defeat GMO labeling? Find out here: "The Boycott List." Use the embed code to share it on your website or visit our website for the high-resolution version.
The Boycott List Infographic
Who are the cunning corporations behind GMA's scheme to defeat GMO labeling? Find out here: "The Boycott List." Use the embed code to share it on your website or visit our website for the high-resolution version.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Steve Sabol, A Tribute in Picture and Sound

Still thinking all day every day about the Steve Sabol Tribute on Tuesday, February 12th at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.
It was a powerful presentation. Lots of images from Steve's childhood, college football years, his bodybuilding (Mr. Philadelphia), his early cameraman days....tons of football footage
(me, football clueless by choice).

The entire NFL Films crews, employees, former employees, anyone that Steve had a personal relationship with are the fortunate people that received invitations.

My goodness, Ed Sabol took tons of photographs and movies of his future star son. Thankfully, so we could relive his life to the full 120 piece Philadelphia Orchestra.
The emotional power of the film was a pure love letter to Steve by his wife Penny. She worked on the tribute since right after he passed away.  Anyone exposed to the tribute film would end up loving Steve Sabol even more, if that's possible.

I knew Steve Sabol was fabulous as a human being and friend but I had no idea how much I did not know about Steve. The tribute filled in all the blanks about Steve's life. I didn't meet him until my 40's. Victor grew up on same street in Philadelphia and they played ball together.
It was always pure fun with lots of laughs whenever we got together and an uplifting experience to be in Steve and Penny's presence, the two artists who were soul mates.
RIP dear Steve.That tribute will live on in my heart.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just had a birthday on January 30th.

I was a teenage mom who became a model in my 20's. Cleaning my office closet I found some of my portfolio shots that were acquired over a brief period via different photographers. Since there certainly was no digital photography back in the 60's as photographic evidence for my great great grandchildren, I am using my iPad to photograph and post some.  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Start Gun Control Now.

I wrote this December 15th and neglected this blog for so long I never posted it until today, February 3rd, Superbowl Sunday, 2013.

I grew up when guns were under some control. In the years going forward, unbelievabley, more & more guns became available and the NRA grew to be this Monolith that has the Republican Congress & some Democrats Agreeing with the NRA "That Everyone Should Be Armed to the Teeth!"  The Old West lives again.  But with modern cars and clothes. 

Rabid Radio hosts take great pleasure and earn millions of dollars, to find dark motives in everyday happenings to stir & rile people's emotions to a frenzy. Which is easy because people enjoy feeling outraged.  They enjoy the rush of anger.  Why there are so many rageholics.
I know first hand about it, My grandfather was a rageholic and he didn't even drink.
Someone "out there" is always to blame.  People are very violent & easily provoked in this day and age of mass killings.  It's become so common that from week to week you forget which horrific gun violence slaughter happened when.
Adam Lanza killed his mother and then he slaugtered the children she taught and loved. I think his motive was an extreme case of jealous rage.
People need medication just to cope with the stresses of everyday life.  Right now, the parents and families of those slaughtered will need medication to cut the agony to get through this tragedy.

The Easy Access to Guns is Disgraceful and INSANE!  Start Gun Control Now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

There will never be anyone as unique as Steve Sabol.

I have been awake all night thinking about my pal, Steve Sabol.  He passed away in his sleep putting a perfect ending on enduring brain cancer treatment for over a year.
His loss is personal. He was my fan and my husband Victor's fan too.  He knew who I was decades before I knew who he was. We both used to go to Club Artemis on Sansom Street in Philadelphia.  I was newly married to Jack, my former husband,  a model and I loved to dance.  I got to know him when my husband Victor hooked up with him on a golf course and renewed their boyhood friendship.  They grew up on the same street in the same neighborhood.  We started going out to dinner together and the movies or events and he used to have big parties at his home.  He always told me he didn't know how Victor ended up with me.  He told this story often.  We all had so many laughs together, so much fun and it was always our favorite times when we were together.

He hated to go to parties but he came to my 70th. He would have turned 70 on October 2nd himself.  Amongst our closest friends I am the first to hit that decade.  I hate it that I outlived him.  I never wanted to get this old and thought I would never live this long.  Imagine my surprise upon turning 70 that I should feel just like I did at 30, only less unhappy.  Back then 30 was old.  Steve made me feel like I'm funny, interesting, beautiful. His wife Penny said Victor and I were two of Steve's favorite people.
He used to tell stories about his Dad that had us ROTFL.  He called himself SuddenDeath on his
email and he wrote great letters.  He used to send us mail that were works of art.  I saved them all.
We had dinner dates at Taconelli's in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, the finest pizza in Philadelphia.  Lucky for us all they opened a NJ location.
We went to the movies together a lot through the years. I remember seeing The Last of the Mohicans with him in King of Prussia and Dances with Wolves at the Narberth Theater.  Steve and Penny were avid movie goers and I think I've seen more films with them than without.
We were fellow lovers of Elvis and shared a love of gardening too.
I feel like Steve is the lucky one to leave this plane and I know he is free to be one with everything.
I miss him but I talk to him in my mind anyway so I will simply continue.  I was very privileged to be a friend of the great Steve Sabol.  He is resting in peace now.
P.S.  Steve liked Barack Obama and voted for him.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Real Romney Captured on Tape Turns Out to Be a Sneering Plutocrat

I've been paying taxes all my life, since I was 17 years old. How dare this craven smug asshole declare me a parasite because I believe in and voted for President Obama.  He prevented a total depression brought on by a GOP congress, George Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove.  Blame the damn Neocons.
Read this amazing article by Jonathan Chait at New York Magazine.  Reveals the real Mitt Romney 
Romney genuinely seems to conceive of the lowest-earning half of the population as implacably hostile parasites.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sometimes my thoughts can't be compressed into 140

Sometimes my thoughts can't be compressed into 140 characters on Twitter. I've decided those can be  written here & I'll just tweet links.

Thouhts that can't fit within 140 characters

Paul Ryan's Medicare will give those of you who are now under 55, upon becoming seniors at age 67 - a voucher worth under $7,000 - you will live as long as you don't get any major illnesses, falls, accidents - cancer, because you will already have some kind of pre-existing condition- and who will sell you insurance?
Remember how health insurance companies are dropping people as soon as they
get illnesses that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars? I've seen the billing for my own cancer treatment which went on for two and a half years. I do believe I could be dead if not for Medicare.
My daughter would be a victim of a RomneyRyan Medicare plan.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

PA Voter's ID Law - Letter to Tom Corbett

 I understand there will be a poll tax in the state of Pennsylvania as the new mandatory voter's ID law will be in effect this election. As I recall, President Johnson did away with this tax.  
The Corbett administration now not only controlls many of the rights of women but added a poll tax for voters needing to purchase an unnecessary form of ID.   There is NO voter fraud according to former Govenor Rendell and other state officials. 
Your recent letter that I received did not reveal your new poll tax and I feel you have deceived the voters of the Commonwealth by not advising of this cost to obtain certain forms of ID.  In addition, many of the now disenfrancised voters are of a certain age that it would be a hardship for many of them to not only pay this poll tax but pay for transportation to obtain the ID. The Corbett administration should be ashamed of themselves for preying on the citizens of our great state.
Valerie L Sherman (Best Friend & Neighbor)