Wednesday, September 19, 2012

There will never be anyone as unique as Steve Sabol.

I have been awake all night thinking about my pal, Steve Sabol.  He passed away in his sleep putting a perfect ending on enduring brain cancer treatment for over a year.
His loss is personal. He was my fan and my husband Victor's fan too.  He knew who I was decades before I knew who he was. We both used to go to Club Artemis on Sansom Street in Philadelphia.  I was newly married to Jack, my former husband,  a model and I loved to dance.  I got to know him when my husband Victor hooked up with him on a golf course and renewed their boyhood friendship.  They grew up on the same street in the same neighborhood.  We started going out to dinner together and the movies or events and he used to have big parties at his home.  He always told me he didn't know how Victor ended up with me.  He told this story often.  We all had so many laughs together, so much fun and it was always our favorite times when we were together.

He hated to go to parties but he came to my 70th. He would have turned 70 on October 2nd himself.  Amongst our closest friends I am the first to hit that decade.  I hate it that I outlived him.  I never wanted to get this old and thought I would never live this long.  Imagine my surprise upon turning 70 that I should feel just like I did at 30, only less unhappy.  Back then 30 was old.  Steve made me feel like I'm funny, interesting, beautiful. His wife Penny said Victor and I were two of Steve's favorite people.
He used to tell stories about his Dad that had us ROTFL.  He called himself SuddenDeath on his
email and he wrote great letters.  He used to send us mail that were works of art.  I saved them all.
We had dinner dates at Taconelli's in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, the finest pizza in Philadelphia.  Lucky for us all they opened a NJ location.
We went to the movies together a lot through the years. I remember seeing The Last of the Mohicans with him in King of Prussia and Dances with Wolves at the Narberth Theater.  Steve and Penny were avid movie goers and I think I've seen more films with them than without.
We were fellow lovers of Elvis and shared a love of gardening too.
I feel like Steve is the lucky one to leave this plane and I know he is free to be one with everything.
I miss him but I talk to him in my mind anyway so I will simply continue.  I was very privileged to be a friend of the great Steve Sabol.  He is resting in peace now.
P.S.  Steve liked Barack Obama and voted for him.

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