Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Higher Taxes on the Rich for Protection by the Military

Perhaps I missed it but I haven't read any framing of the issue making the point that the top 2% of the wealthiest people in the United States and big corporations with plants and businesses around the world have their wealth protected by the military and the CIA. They should pay a much higher rate of taxes than any other people in the country.

The military is made up of young people from the middle class and poor and immigrant families who see their only opportunity for education and betterment is by joining the military. They are fighting wars which protect the wealth of billionaires and big corporations.

The Military Industrial Complex makes billions from government contracts we all pay for with our tax dollars. The Iraq War was paid for by raiding Social Security Funds. So, the middle class is getting screwed twice over.

Instead, billionaires like the Koch Brothers buy lobbyist and members of congress when the lobbyist's money and campaign contributions should be going to the Federal government for payment to protect their ability to get rich and stay rich.

They are already wealthy so why do they need that extra 3% that the Bush tax cuts gave them?

Class war is called for if Congress guts Medicare and Social Security. I hate to say it but Glenn Beck may be right. There IS going to be a revolution and it will get very ugly for the super rich. But I guess that's what private contractors are getting ready to do, shoot down people when they rise up, because the bloodsuckers know it will happen.

Billionaires can avoid possible bloodshed if they decide to not turn America into an apocalyptic landscape like something out of Mad Max and Thunderdome because that's where we're headed. Keep America peaceful and give everyone throughout our society basic human rights. And stop trying to take our vote away.

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