Sunday, July 29, 2012

PA Voter's ID Law - Letter to Tom Corbett

 I understand there will be a poll tax in the state of Pennsylvania as the new mandatory voter's ID law will be in effect this election. As I recall, President Johnson did away with this tax.  
The Corbett administration now not only controlls many of the rights of women but added a poll tax for voters needing to purchase an unnecessary form of ID.   There is NO voter fraud according to former Govenor Rendell and other state officials. 
Your recent letter that I received did not reveal your new poll tax and I feel you have deceived the voters of the Commonwealth by not advising of this cost to obtain certain forms of ID.  In addition, many of the now disenfrancised voters are of a certain age that it would be a hardship for many of them to not only pay this poll tax but pay for transportation to obtain the ID. The Corbett administration should be ashamed of themselves for preying on the citizens of our great state.
Valerie L Sherman (Best Friend & Neighbor)

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