Monday, June 11, 2012

Tom Corbett Makes Top Ten of Worse Governors in US

I constantly see articles about my state's Republican governor, Tom Corbett that are so dispiriting. I knew he was going to go full speed ahead on fracking in PA but I had no idea that he was just another TeaParty guy when he was running in 2010. I did my part to warn my neighbors about a possible Corbett win and I know my county went for the Democrat. Unfortunately, both candidates were not well known in the Philadelphia media market. Found more depressing facts this morning at AlterNet and the story was written by Sarah Jaffe
10. Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania Corbett didn't make our list last time around, but this year, the Pennsylvania governor has made up for lost time. His attacks on public education alone make him worthy of our Hall of Shame, but coupled with a massive tax break for Shell Oil--$1.7 billion in subsidies for the oil giant—his comments about taking responsibility for future generations ring awfully hollow "The governor's proposal violates his own belief that the free market, and not government, should pick winners and losers," George Jugovic Jr., president of PennFuture, told The Morning Call. "Let's be clear. By choosing to offer Shell a $1.7 billion tax break while proposing to cut nearly $900 million to public education, the governor is choosing winners and losers, and he has cast his lot with choosing to further help a multibillion-dollar corporation over the education of future generations of Pennsylvanians.” Philadelphia's school district is in mortal danger due in part to Corbett's cuts—nearly $300 million from the city, which now faces a deficit of $218 million for the coming year, and plans to shutter 64 schools and privatize more. And if that wasn't enough, Corbett has backed a bill that would bail out the state's employers for their unpaid unemployment premiums, while cutting benefits for thousands of out-of-work Pennsylvanians..

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