Sunday, March 18, 2012

Satan writes a Thank You letter to Monsanto

Dear Friends at Monsanto,
I am pleased by the dominion your company has secured over planetary agriculture. Your recent courtroom triumph over small, organic farmers is a good start to extinguish the hopes of people in their quest for healthy sustenance. The organic activists will not back down easily, so I advise you to stamp out efforts of those who seek to label foods that contained genetically modified organisms (GMO), for this will slow your ascent to the top of world’s financial markets.
I have been a fan or your creations ever since you delivered the science and components for the A-Bomb and Agent Orange. Your Roundup herbicide (Glyphosate), combined with your numerous patented and genetically engineered (GE) seed creations, will make humans and their livestock weakened and infertile for generations. The greed that drives your company to experiment on the natural world has made you an enemy of the people, but a friend to all of us in power.
You are changing the face of creation in short order, the likes which have not been witnessed since the beginning of time. You have helped satisfy the excessive demand for soybeans and corn to produce livestock feed, processed foods and ethanol, resulting in an accelerated destruction of life giving top soil on the Great Plains of the US. If humanity woke up and saw the chemical soup you are feeding them, and the pollution in their air, water and soil, they could not stop the coming tide of tears.
You have altered HIS PLAN of natural selection by adapting soy, corn, sugar beets, cotton, rice, canola, sugar beets, and alfalfa with the insertion of foreign genes that enable weed and insect resistance. Products like your impressive Genuity® SmartstaxTM corn with eight added genetic traits, have helped bring on the recent and rapid demise of vulnerable pollinators like bats, birds, butterflies and bees. Your numerous (GE) seed crops and arsenal of associated crop chemicals have created a growing number of super weeds and super bugs. This situation has created a new market for an ever stronger cocktail of chemicals, all of which you will supply. Indebted farmers must buy your patented seeds, which they are not allowed to save. When farmers do save seeds, or when the GE pollen drifts, you sue them for illegally using your patented products. Farmers who buy and plant your seeds must fertilize and spray insecticides and herbicides ad infinitem. I commend you for putting profits before people, ensuring the downfall of innocents and bringing them to me.
Using your wealth to infiltrate the US government was pure genius, and your recent success in getting the USDA to accelerate your product introduction is gratifying. You obviously have minions in high places, including the White House, and this collusion with governments has helped you to spread your demon seed and chemicals around the globe.
You are in good company with other biotech firms that pervert the natural cycles of life with their products such as Bayer Crop Sciences, DuPont, Aqua Bounty Technologies, Dow, and Sygenta. All do my bidding to bring misery to the human race and their short lived livestock, who suffer greatly. The profiteers of the biotech industry have gained my gratitude.
For all your excellent work Monsanto, you are welcome in Hell as honorary demons.
Yours in demise,
Prince of Demons

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